Family: Wrentits (Timaliidae)
Genus & Species : Chamaca fasciata
Status: A common bird in California chaparral, but this retiring bird is usually much easier to hear than to spot. Listen to it's distinctive call here: http://www.xeno-canto.org/species/Chamaea-fasciata
Habitat: Wrentits are found in chaparral thoughout the mountains and coastal areas of southern California.
Notes: This small (6.5"), long-tailed bird has a bouncing song that is easily imitated. A combination of calling and pishing will often bring this reclusive bird into view. It's approach is often stealthy and silent, so be ready for it to appear on the ground, in the middle of a bush, or even perched up high in a shrub. The round brownish body and long tail are distinctive..
Best Chances: I've had good luck with this bird in the chaparral hillsides at San Elijo Lagoon, at the Cabrillo National Monument, and in the Laguna Mountains along the Cedar Trail at William Heise County Park close to Julian (http://www.co.san-diego.ca.us/parks/Camping/heise_map.html).

Wrentit, Cabrillo Nat. Mon., CA
Wrentit, Andrew Molera State Park, CA
Wrentit, Julian, CA
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