We hope that the following web links are useful to you. While they are concentrated on birding in Arizona and California, you'll also find links to bird identification, optics, and travel sites that we think you'll enjoy. If you have a link that you think may be appropriate for this site, please e-mail us.    



Arizona Birding

greater roadrunner Greater Roadrunner

www.azfo.org - The Arizona Field Ornithologists (AZFO) is a great place to learn more about Arizona birds. Photos, bird-finding pages, bird identification, and field trips reports are just part of this fine web site.

www.azfo.org/ArizonaBirdCommittee/index.html - Gary Rosenberg is the secretary of the Arizona Bird Committee (ABC).  He provides information about the ABC and features many wonderful Arizona bird photos.

- Melody Kehl is a fine, lively, experienced, personable birding guide & companion who will show you all the fantastic birds of SE Arizona.

www.aztrogon.com - Stuart Healy's site; a most knowledgeable birding guide operating out of Sierra Vista. His continually updated site offers great amounts of information about southeast AZ.

www.artfullbirds.com - Check out these fine photos that Tony Godfrey has taken!


California Birding


American Avocets & Marbled Godwit

fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~jmorlan/county.htm  - Joe Morlan's California birding info and LINKS organized by county.

www.newriverwetlands.com  - home page for the New River Wetlands Project and the Salton Sea Birding Festival (next festival over President's Day, Feb 08)

If you're heading up to Orange County or the LA area, please contact our partners Bruce Aird and Vic Leipzig, who will be happy to assist you in finding birds in their neck of the woods.
- Bruce Aird, 4airds at gmail.com,  949-458-1520
- Vic Leipzig, vicleipzig@aol.com,  714-848-5394

International Birding

www.solipaso.com - As of 2004, David MacKay offered a fine birding/natural history trip down the Rio Mayo (see www.southwestbirders.com/alamos112104.htm) and other trips throughout Mexico.  Their web site is a nice introduction to Alamos and Sonoran natural history.

Stephanie Meyers has been living in Alamos since 1988, and is a fantastic source of information on the local area and its natural history.  As of 2004 she had a wonderful ecotour boat trip to a mangrove estuary off the Gulf of California (see www.southwestbirders.com/alamos112104.htm) that included a killer seafood feast.

www.tambopatatours.com - Jorge was our most excellent guide along the Tambopata River in the Peruvian Amazon during 2005 (see www.southwestbirders.com/peru2_2005.htm). A native of the jungle, he has a wealth of local knowledge and some great stories, too! He's now set out on his own as part of Tambopata Tours.

Misc Birding Info



www.birdingonthe.net/birdmail.html -  rare bird alerts and mail servers for the USA and worldwide -- this is the key to up-to-date bird-finding!

www.naturesongs.com - North American & Costa Rican bird songs (a fine collection of songs, call notes, bill rattles, etc.)

www.yumachamber.org - Yuma Chamber of Commerce - links to hotels, businesses, and local attractions

www.visityuma.com - Yuma Convention and Visitors Bureau - more information about Yuma-area attractions

Help the Nature Conservancy and sustainability partner Andrew Liveris stop the decline of migratory bird population by preserving their natural habitats.

Dragonflies & Damselflies

www.sonic.net/dragonfly - Visit a great resource by Kathy Biggs for learning about and identifying California Odonata

www.southwestdragonflies.net - And here's another great site by Kathy Biggs which covers Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada, as well as California.

www.azodes.com - Here's a detailed photographic guide to the odonates of Arizona.  Includes listings by county, and has a form for submitting new records.


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