Whether it's an easy stroll along the Colorado River, a dawn-to-dusk marathon around the Salton Sea, or a quest to ID a dozen species of hummingbirds, we'll design a custom tour exclusively for you and help you find the birds you're seeking.  If you'd like, we'll take you to bubbling, gurggling mud pots, spectacular wildflower displays, beguiling reptiles, and unique historical sites!

We design our custom tours around you, and would be happy to show you the hot spots in Southern California: San Diego County; the Salton Sea and the Imperial Valley; and the Laguna, San Jacinto and San Bernardino Mountains. In Arizona we'll take you along the Colorado River Valley, around Yuma, the Central Valley and Phoenix, the Tucson area, the "high islands" of southeastern Arizona, and the border canyons along the Mexican frontier.

Good Birding!

Tour Rates

Full-Day $250.00   (rates are per vehicle--max of 5 passengers) + expenses
Half-Day $150.00   (sunrise to noon or noon to sunset) + expenses
Hourly $30.00
Group Rates $300.00   (per day for 6 or more people) + expenses




Vehicle Info

We will accompany you in your personal or rental vehicle.  If you would like to concentrate on birding, we know the roads and would be happy to drive--contact us ahead of time for driver's license info if you would like us added to the rental vehicle contract.

Reservations & Payment

Reservations require a 50% deposit.  If you need to reschedule, please contact us at least one week in advance of your tour, and the deposit will be applied to new dates.  The balance of the payment is payable on the date of the tour. Expenses include gas, lodging, meals, etc.

Contact Information

peregrine falcon

Peregrine Falcon

All tours are customized to individual requests.  
To reserve a tour or receive more information, please contact:

thick-billed kingbird

Thick-billed Kingbird


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