Heermann's Gull

Family: Gulls (Laridae)
Genus & Species : Larus heermanni
Status: Common along the Pacific coast, uncommon to rare along the southeast shoreline of the Salton Sea, and a very rare vagrant in Arizona
Habitat: This dark gull breeds on offshore islands in Mexico and then wanders up the Pacific coastline as far north as British Columbia during the post-breeding season. Immature and non-breeding birds regularly spend the whole season in southern California. A few pairs have bred along the rocky shoreline of Obsidian Butte at the Salton Sea.
Best Chances: This is a very easy bird to spot along the rocky cliffs of La Jolla, and during the fall and winter it is common almost anywhere along the southern California coastline.

Heerman's Gull
Heerman's Gull,Monterey, 2008
Heerman's Gull
Heerman's Gull, Salton Sea, 2010
Heerman's Gull
Heerman's Gull, San Diego, 2006
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Heerman's Gull

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