South of Yuma
25, 2000
1430-1630, Sunny, 70 

A drive south of town to see what kinds of birds are wintering in the agricultural fields--centered around Ave. A 1/2 and Co. 16 1/2.
22 species total

The birds were typical wintering species.  A scattering of sparrows, doves, meadowlarks, and birds of prey.

The best bird was the ferruginous hawk that perched on a power pole, scanning for prey while I watched him through my scope and snapped off some pictures with my digital camera. 


Ferruginous Hawk south of Yuma

If only there were some larger ponds down here, the birdlife would multiply exponentially!  Tomorrow I'll head out to the Gila Valley and try my luck there. 


Savannah Sparrow s. of Yuma

# Species Name
1 Black Vulture
2 Red-Tailed Hawk
3 Ferruginous Hawk
4 Sharp-Shinned Hawk
5 American Kestrel
6 Gambel's Quail
7 Common Ground Dove
8 Inca Dove
9 Mourning Dove
10 Rock Dove
11 Say's Phoebe
12 Verdin
13 Northern Mockingbird
14 European Starling
15 Yellow-Rumped Warbler
16 Great-Tailed Grackle
17 Western Meadowlark
18 House Sparrow
19 House Finch
20 Savannah Sparrow
21 Lark Sparrow
22 Vesper Sparrow

Ferruginous Hawk


Photos Henry D. Detwiler