Callahan Bird Preserve


Yuma - South of Town
Nov 4, 2001   
Overcast, warm, and some light rain!
Checked out a couple of spots south of town, and talked with the owner of a backyard bird preserve.

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Abert's Towhee

I checked the golf course for the Zone-tailed Hawk, but only Turkey Vultures were there this morning.  So I headed south on Ave A, and visited with Mrs. Pat Callahan, who has created a private botanical garden and backyard bird sanctuary.  While talking with her, I watched and snapped some photos of her avian visitors.  This Abert's Towhee was but one of many.

Several Lark Sparrows were perched on the grapefruit trees, and let me approach quite closely.  In the same trees were numerous House Finches.  Mrs. Callahan puts out feed and water every morning, so the quail, sparrows, and house sparrows are plentiful.   Costa's and Anna's Hummingbirds were feeding on the blooming Fairy Dusters.


Lark Sparrow


White-crowned Sparrow

White-crowned sparrows and Abert's Towhees made themselves comfortable in the brush piles, as did a House Wren.  A pair of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and several Yellow-rumped Warblers chased down insects in the acacias.

Other yard birds were the Northern Mockingbird and several kinds of doves.  After leaving the Callahan's I looped back to town via Co. 18th and 1st Ave.  American Pipits were feeding in newly planted field, and a Lesser Goldfinch was consorting with House Finches in one of the orchards.


Northern Mockingbird


Ferruginous Hawk

This Ferruginous Hawk was hunting from one of the power poles, and just south of town a Prairie Falcon streaked by.  The overcast skies and rain were a treat for our area, so it was with great reluctance that I headed home.

4 Nov 2001

1 Great Egret
2 Cattle Egret
3 White-faced Ibis
4 Killdeer
5 Turkey Vulture
6 Northern Harrier
7 Red-Tailed Hawk
8 Ferruginous Hawk
9 American Kestrel
10 Prairie Falcon
11 Gambel's Quail
12 Mourning Dove
13 Rock Dove
14 Common Ground Dove
15 Inca Dove
16 Greater Roadrunner
17 Anna's Hummingbird
18 Costa's Hummingbird
19 Northern Flicker
20 Gila Woodpecker
21 Say's Phoebe
22 Verdin
23 House Wren
24 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
25 Loggerhead Shrike
26 Northern Mockingbird
27 American Pipit
28 European Starling
29 Yellow-rumped Warbler
30 Western Meadowlark
31 Brown-headed Cowbird
32 Great-tailed Grackle
33 House Sparrow
34 House Finch
35 Lesser Goldfinch
36 Lark Sparrow
37 White-crowned Sparrow
38 Abert's Towhee
39 Brewer's Sparrow

Photos Henry D. Detwiler