Lincoln's Sparrow


South of Yuma
Oct 26, 2002 - 66-83 degrees, 7:30-11:30
narrated by Henry Detwiler

Suzanne and I birded the fields & orchards south of town in search of newly arrived winter visitors (the feathered type, that is).

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Sunrise over Yuma

From our bedroom window, we often have wonderful views of Yuma sunrises.  Egrets and Mourning Doves are the most common "fly-bys" at this time of morning.  After a quick bite to eat, our first stop this morning was at the edge of the Yuma "Mesa", along the East Main Canal.
Wilson's Snipe, a Northern Harrier, and a Black Phoebe all entertained us.  At Ave A we headed south, stopping at likely-looking fields to search for sparrows and pipits.  We saw our first Ferruginous Hawk of the season and lots of American Kestrels.  Then, in a field filled with reddish, very seedy weeds, we found a flock of 35 Lawrence's Goldfinches.  If we approached too closely, they would fly up and into a large pine tree down the road.  Then they'd gradually move back into the field and resume feeding.

Goldfinch Weed - What is it?
Lawrence's Goldfinch

Lincoln's Sparrow 

At Pat's yard/bird sanctuary, we spied this cooperative Lincoln's Sparrow in a big fairy duster bush.  It examined us until it was chased off by a flock of House Sparrows.  Other birds in her yard were Verdin, singing Costa's Hummingbirds, House Finches, Gambel's Quail, White-crowned Sparrows, and Abert's Towhees.
The circular alfalfa fields produced several more Ferruginous Hawks, Northern Harriers, a few Red-tails, and lots of Savannah Sparrows.  But no Mountain Plovers.  At the Desert Gardens Nursery, a Sharp-shinned Hawk came zipping around a corner shrub at head height, almost taking Suzanne's nose off!

Northern Mockingbird

Bird List for Oct 26, 2002
# Species Qty
1 Snowy Egret 1
2 Cattle Egret 2
3 Northern Harrier 4
4 Sharp-shinned Hawk 1
5 Cooper's Hawk 4
7 Red-tailed Hawk 5
8 Ferruginous Hawk 4
9 American Kestrel 14
10 Gambel's Quail 2
11 Killdeer 4
12 Wilson's Snipe 1
14 Turkey Vulture 20
16 Rock Dove 17
17 Mourning Dove 65
18 Common Ground-Dove 12
19 Greater Roadrunner 1
20 Anna's Hummingbird 6
21 Costa's Hummingbird 8
22 Gila Woodpecker 1
23 Black Phoebe 1
24 Say's Phoebe 6
25 Tree Swallow 220
26 Barn Swallow 40
27 Verdin 2
28 House Wren 1
29 Ruby-crowned Kinglet 2
30 Northern Mockingbird 18
31 European Starling 34
32 Yellow-rumped Warbler 3
33 Abert's Towhee 8
34 Chipping Sparrow 14
35 Lark Sparrow 1
36 Savannah Sparrow 24
37 Lincoln's Sparrow 1
38 White-crowned Sparrow 18
39 Red-winged Blackbird 44
40 Western Meadowlark 8
41 Great-tailed Grackle 20
42 House Finch 65
43 Lesser Goldfinch 20
44 Lawrence's Goldfinch 35
45 House Sparrow 40

Lincoln's Sparrow 

Photos Henry D. Detwiler