Betty's Kitchen
Jan 1, 2001, 1230-1530, Sunny & Warm, 70 
Henry Detwiler & Judy Gille

Just a short trip north of town to find a few new species for the year 2001. 
35 species total

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon, the first day of the new year, 2001.  I picked up my friend Judy and we headed out to the lowlands of the Colorado River northeast of town.  

Phragmytes at Betty's Kitchen

Betty's Kitchen is a riparian area east of the river.  A short trail goes through a fine a good selection of habitat.  This afternoon we spotted Verdins, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Anna's Hummingbirds.

On one section of the trail, a bridge crosses an arm of Mittry Lake.  The area has Phragmytes, Cottonwoods, and Seep Willows.
Judy at Betty's Kitchen


Mistetoe at Betty's Kitchen
Dessert Mistletoe is in many of the Mesquite trees of the riparian lowlands.  It serves as a nesting place for Phainopeplas and Northern Mockingbirds.

Great Horned Owl

In an abandoned Date Tree grove south of Mittry Lake we found a Great Horned Owl sitting in a date tree.
Great Horned Owl as seen through my spotting scope.  
Another view of the owl.  Date groves in this area serve as roosts for Barn Owls also.  


Great Horned Owl

# Species Name
1 Eared Grebe
2 Double-Crested Cormorant
3 Cattle Egret
4 Great Egret
5 Great Blue Heron
6 Snowy Egret
7 American Coot
8 Killdeer
9 Ring-Billed Gull
10 Northern Harrier
11 Osprey
12 Red-Tailed Hawk
13 American Kestrel
14 Rock Dove
15 Common Ground Dove


# Species Name
16 Mourning Dove
17 Great Horned Owl
18 Anna's Hummingbird
19 Belted Kingfisher
20 Black Phoebe
21 Verdin
22 Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
23 American Robin
24 Loggerhead Shrike
25 European Starling
26 Yellow-Rumped Warbler
27 Western Meadowlark
28 Great-Tailed Grackle
29 Red-Winged Blackbird
30 Abert's Towhee
31 White-Crowned Sparrow


Photos Henry D. Detwiler