Southeast Arizona
May 8-9, 2001
Sunny & Warm, 70-90 

A trip to SE AZ with Robin Schwartz and George Alapas to look for some of our specialty birds--led by Henry Detwiler
118 species total (list follows at end page)


We left for the Chiricahua Mountains shortly after 5:30, with Say's Phoebes, Curve-billed Thrashers, and a Cactus Wren singing at Robin's cousins home.  Our first target was the Flame-colored Tanager, which had unfortunately not been seen since Saturday.

Black-headed Grosbeak
We saw lots of these! 

We fared no better, but we did see a female Hepatic Tanager building a nest, and got excellent side and frontal views of an Elegant Trogon.  After a quick lunch in Portal we tried the feeders at the Spoffords and then headed up the hill to Paradise.

At the George Walker House we saw lots of Pine Siskins and Black-headed Grosbeaks, but the Juniper Titmice had retreated to the hills.  Higher up in Rustler Park we found Grace's and Olive Warblers. In Pinnery Canyon the eagle-eyed Robin found us a Hermit Thrush.


 Pine Siskin at George Walker House

Close to Elfrida a flock of White-faced Ibis flew overhead, and later we saw a perched Swainson's Hawk.  That night we walked Ramsey Canyon road and heard  Whippoorwills, Whiskered Screech Owls, and Elf Owls. Before long we got a beutiful view of an Elf Owl perched not 10 yards in front of us.

Magnificent Hummingbird


Shortly after 6:00AM we ventured to the San Pedro River which was teeming with flycatchers, warblers, and sparrows.  When the Ramsey Canyon Preserve opened, we quickly located the sparkling Berylline Hummer.
Berylline Hummingbird nest

Robin & George at
Roadside Rest Stop
We took a direct route to the Patagonia Roadside Rest and were rewarded by a Northern Parula and a Thick-billed Kingbird!  Also there was a Broad-billed Hummingbird on her nest, and excellent views of a Rufous-crowned Sparrow.
Farther south at Kino Springs we rounded the pond before spotting Tropical Kingbird, Gray Hawk, and a flock of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.
Back at Patagonia we stopped at the Patons and were treated to views of Black-chinned, Costa's, Broad-billed, Violet-crowned, and Anna's Hummingbirds.

Paton's water fountain

Robin & Al at the Paton's

During our hummingbird watch, we were joined by lots of fellow birders, and other birds--Bronzed Cowbirds, Hooded Orioles, Bridled Titmice, and Gila Woodpeckers.

On our way home we went over Box Canyon, and tried for some sparrows in Florida Wash.  Unfortunately the wind was really kicking up, so we decided to call it a day.  But what a great two days we had!

# Species Name
1 Pied-Billed Grebe
2 Great Egret
3 Great Blue Heron
4 Green Heron
5 White-faced Ibis
6 Ruddy Duck
7 Black-bellied Whistling Duck
8 Mallard
9 American Coot
10 Killdeer
11 Turkey Vulture
12 Red-tailed Hawk
13 Cooper's Hawk
14 Swainson's Hawk
15 Gray Hawk
16 Northern Harrier
17 American Kestrel
18 Gambel's Quail
19 Scaled Quail
20 Common Ground Dove
21 Mourning Dove
22 Rock Dove
23 White-winged Dove
24 Greater Roadrunner
25 Elf Owl
26 Whiskered Screech Owl
27 Lesser Nighthawk
28 Whip-Poor-Will
29 White-throated Swift
30 Broad-billed Hummingbird
31 Violet-crowned Hummingbrd
32 Magnificent Hummingbird
33 Broad-tailed Hummingbird
34 Black-chinned Hummingbird
35 Berylline Hummingbird
36 Anna's Hummingbird
37 Costa's Hummingbird
38 Blue-throated Hummingbird
39 Elegant Trogon
40 Ladder-backed Woodpecker
41 Northern Flicker
42 Gila Woodpecker
43 Acorn Woodpecker
44 Ash-throated Flycatcher
45 Dusky Flycatcher
46 Vermillion Flycatcher
47 Tropical Kingbird
48 Thick-billed Kingbird
49 Western Kingbird
50 Dusky-Capped Flycatcher
51 Black Phoebe
52 Say's Phoebe
53 Cordilleran Flycatcher
54 Cassin's Kingbird
55 Brown-crested Flycatcher
56 Barn Swallow
57 Cliff Swallow
58 Northern Rough-winged Swallow
59 Chihuahuan Raven
# Species Name
60 Common Raven
61 Mexican Jay
62 Stellar's Jay
63 Bridled Titmouse
64 Verdin
65 Brown Creeper
66 Pygmy Nuthatch
67 White-breasted Nuthatch
68 Bewick's Wren
69 Cactus Wren
70 Canyon Wren
71 American Robin
72 Hermit Thrush
73 Curve-billed Thrasher
74 Northern Mockingbird
75 Phainopepla
76 European Starling
77 Bell's Vireo
78 Plumbeous Vireo
79 Warbling Vireo
80 Painted Redstart
81 Lucy's Warbler
82 Yellow-breasted Chat
83 Yellow Warbler
84 N. Parula
85 Wilson's Warbler
86 Common Yellowthroat
87 Grace's Warbler
88 Olive Warbler
89 Black-throated Gray Warbler
90 Summer Tanager
91 Bronzed Cowbird
92 Brown-headed Cowbird
93 Eastern Meadowlark
94 Great-tailed Grackle
95 Hooded Oriole
96 Bullock's Oriole
97 Pyrrhuloxia
98 Western Tanager
99 Hepatic Tanager
100 Red-winged Blackbird
101 House Sparrow
102 Black-chinned Sparrow
103 Abert's Towhee
104 Canyon Towhee
105 Spotted Towhee
106 White-throated Sparrow
107 Black-throated Sparrow
108 Dark-eyed Junco
109 Lark Sparrow
110 Rufous-crowned Sparrow
111 Song Sparrow
112 White-crowned Sparrow
113 Black-headed Grosbeak
114 Cassin's Finch
115 House Finch
116 Lesser Goldfinch
117 Pine Siskin
118 Cardinal

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Photos Henry D. Detwiler