eBird - Arizona & California Checklists

From the eBird site located at www.eBird.com, I've paraphrased their purpose below:
"eBird ia real-time, online checklist program launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. eBird provides rich data sources for basic information on bird abundance and distribution. eBird's goal is to maximize the utility and accessibility of the vast numbers of bird observations made each year by recreational and professional bird watchers."

Below you'll find links to annual bar-chart distribution graphs to some of the best birding sites in Arizona and California. There are also several checklist "gadgets" powered by BirdTrax which provide real-time eBird data on what's being seen at many of these birding locales. Click on the "Rarities" button to whittle down the sightings to just the unusual birds.

And keep in mind, we provide tours to all of these areas!

Arizona Sites

Western Arizona
Lake Havasu
Bill Williams River NWR
Cibola NWR
Betty's Kitchen/Laguna Dam

Central Arizona
Salt River-Granite Reef Rec. Area
Tres Rios-Overbank Wetlands
Hassayampa River Preserve
Mt. Ord
Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Southeast Arizona
Madera Canyon
Fort Huachuca
California Gulch
Chiricahua National Monument
Miller Canyon-Beatty's
Mt. Lemmon
Patagonia Lake State Park
San Pedro House
Sabino Canyon

Northern Arizona
Grand Canyon-South Rim
Prescott-Willow Lake
Montezuma Castle Nat.Mon.
Luna Lake
Kachina Wetlands

California Sites

San Diego County
Tijuana Estuary
San Diego River-Interstate 5
Cabrillo National Monument
San Elijo Lagoon from Rios Ave
Mission Dam (Mission Trails RP)
La Jolla Cove
Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Imperial County
Imperial Valley
Salton Sea NWR - Unit 1
Salton Sea - Salt Creek
Salton Sea - Obsidian Butte
Salton Sea - Salt Creek
Fig Lagoon

Riverside County
Idyllwild Nature Center
Lake Perris SRA
San Jacinto Wildlife Area
Salton Sea-North End
Salton City

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