Northern Flicker


New River Ponds/El Centro
Dec 30, 2001 - 60-70 degrees

We surveyed the New River Project ponds and checked out a pecan grove west of El Centro.  
species (list follows at end of page)

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Suzanne, Adriana, Gaby and I met Bob at his place and then drove to the Imperial Ponds.  We counted good numbers of the usual suspects, and got some photos of more elusive species, like this moorhen.

 Common Moorhen

Bob and Gaby
Gaby was ready and willing to help out Bob whenever possible.  The dragonflies and damselflies had all but departed, so Bob's new hobby was put on hold.  There were good numbers of Forster's Terns and Cattle Egrets, but on this occasion we only saw two Green Herons.
A new bird for the Imperial Ponds was Brewer's Sparrow--we got great looks at a pair of them.  Then, at the Brawley Ponds we got another new bird for our survey--this immature Red-shouldered Hawk.  It posed for a picture; then headed up river.
Immature Red-shouldered Hawk

American Kestrel 

The Brawley Ponds aren't quite as birdy as the Imperial Ponds, but we still got to see quite a variety, including a Sora, flickers, Orange-crowned and Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a Belted Kingfisher.  Our next stop was a pecan grove west of El Centro, where this kestrel awaited us. 
This pecan grove at the edge of town was bursting at the seams with bird-life.  As we walked towards it, a pair of Lewis' Woodpeckers made themselves very conspicuous.  Unfortunately, they were too active for any good photos. 

Black Phoebe

Northern Flicker

They constantly chased the Northern Flickers (like this one) and the Gila Woodpeckers, and never perched in the open for more than a few seconds.  Several days ago a Vermilion Flycatcher was working the grove, but on this date all we could find was the Black Phoebe pictured above.

While waiting for better views of the marauding Lewis' Woodpeckers, we snapped some of the plentiful and gaudily colored European Starlings.  After a few minutes the Lewis's moved out of the grove, which gave the flicker above a chance to work at the stump in peace.

European Starlings

Sharp-shinned Hawk

On his last visit to the grove, Bob watched a Prairie Falcon dining on a Ground Dove.  During our visit this Sharp-shinned Hawk tried for a feathered snack.  It wasn't as lucky, but I did get this photo before it departed.  Soon after we called it a day and headed back to Yuma.

New River Project & El Centro Pecan Grove, 30 Dec 2001
# Species
1 Pied-billed Grebe
2 White Pelican
3 Double-crested Cormorant
4 Black-crowned Night Heron
5 Snowy Egret
6 Green Heron
7 Cattle Egret
8 Great Egret
9 Great Blue Heron
10 Redhead
11 Ruddy Duck
12 American Coot
13 Sora
14 Common Moorhen
15 Least Sandpiper
16 Greater Yellowlegs
17 Herring Gull
18 Forster's Tern
19 Ring-billed Gull
20 Turkey Vulture
21 Red-tailed Hawk
22 Sharp-shinned Hawk
23 Red-shouldered Hawk
24 Northern Harrier
25 American Kestrel
26 Rock Dove
27 Mourning Dove


# Species
28 Greater Roadrunner
29 Burrowing Owl
30 Anna's Hummingbird
31 Belted Kingfisher
32 Lewis' Woodpecker
33 Northern Flicker
34 Gila Woodpecker
35 Black Phoebe
36 Say's Phoebe
37 Verdin
38 Marsh Wren
39 Rock Wren
40 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
41 Loggerhead Shrike
42 Phainopepla
43 European Starling
44 Yellow-rumped Warbler
45 Orange-crowned Warbler
46 Great-tailed Grackle
47 Red-winged Blackbird
48 House Sparrow
49 Abert's Towhee
50 Brewer's Sparrow
51 White-crowned Sparrow
52 Spotted Towhee
53 Song Sparrow
54 House Finch


Photos Henry D. Detwiler