Harris's Sparrow Map


Harris's Sparrow in Imperial County
Jan 07, 2004 
Bob Miller

What else will be found in this prime habitat?! 

species (list follows at end of page)

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Harris's Sparrow 

Harris's Sparrow 

This beautiful Harris's Sparrow was found at the intersection of Noffsinger and Welch Roads near Niland in northern Imperial Valley.  The field at this location has some of the best sparrow habitat I have seen and someone with better ears than I will turn up more rarities here!  From the street sign post at the intersection, the Harris's Sparrow is several hundred feet to the SE, in the larger Quail Bush (atroplex) that will be obvious from that point. The area is managed by Desert Wildlife Unlimited and California Dept. of Fish & Game.  Desert Wildlife Unlimited was the initial driving force and still a big part of  the New River Wetlands Project!  This field is part of the Upland Game Heritage project.  The numerous sites, scattered around the north end of the Imperial Valley, are open to the general public and sign posted as such.  

Harris's Sparrow 

Harris's Sparrow 



Red-winged Blackbirds

Most of the funding comes from the $6 Upland Game Stamp required of all hunters for dove, quail etc.  I hope to get up a map of all of the fields soon.  Huge flocks of  red-winged Blackbirds swirl around overhead.

The fields are planted with grains and grasses to provide habitat that is open to the general public.  Brewer's, Vesper, Savannah, Song, Lincoln's and White-crowned Sparrows were seen as well.   

Brewer's Sparrow 

Long-billed Curlews 

Short-eared Owl, Prairie Falcon and White-tailed Kite were a few of the many predators at the site.  Other fields in the area hold lots of the typical winter visitors. The picture below is of your average "middle of the road" American Pipit.

I have been seeing few longspurs east of the prison in their usual spot so I had set out to track them down.  Still have not figured out where the spurs have moved to but I know I will be visiting these Upland Game Heritage sites much more in the future.  

American Pipit

Imperial Valley  Jan 07, 2004
  1. Brown Pelican

  2. Double-crested Cormorant

  3. Great Blue Heron

  4. Great Egret

  5. Snowy Egret

  6. Cattle Egret

  7. White-faced Ibis

  8. Turkey Vulture

  9. White-tailed Kite

  10. Northern Harrier

  11. Cooper's Hawk Hawk

  12. Red-tailed Hawk

  13. American Kestrel

  14. Prairie Falcon

  15. Ring-necked Pheasant

  16. Gambel's Quail

  17. American Coot

  18. Killdeer

  19. Mountain Plover

  20. Greater Yellowlegs

  21. Long-billed Curlew

  22. Least Sandpiper

  23. Ring-billed Gull

  24. Rock Pigeon

  25. Mourning Dove

  26. Common Ground-Dove

  27. Greater Roadrunner

  28. Burrowing Owl

  29. Short-eared Owl

  30. Belted Kingfisher

  1. Northern Flicker

  2. Black Phoebe

  3. Say's Phoebe

  4. Loggerhead Shrike

  5. Common Raven

  6. Horned Lark

  7. Tree Swallow

  8. Verdin

  9. Cactus Wren

  10. Ruby-crowned Kinglet

  11. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

  12. Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

  13. Northern Mockingbird

  14. European Starling

  15. American Pipit

  16. Phainopepla

  17. Orange-crowned Warbler

  18. Yellow-rumped Warbler

  19. Abert's Towhee

  20. Brewer's Sparrow

  21. Vesper Sparrow

  22. Savannah Sparrow

  23. Lincoln's Sparrow

  24. Song Sparrow

  25. Harris's Sparrow

  26. White-crowned Sparrow

  27. Red-winged Blackbird

  28. Western Meadowlark

  29. Great-tailed Grackle

  30. House Finch

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