Canvasback in Jacumba 


Eric goes to the snow!
Feb. 03, 2002 
-Bob Miller

A scouting trip into the Laguna Mountains for the up-coming San Diego Bird Festival with my nephew Eric. 

species (list follows at end of page)

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Eric the comedian.
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Eric had NEVER seen real snow!! I picked him up at sunup and we headed for the hills. It had snowed in the Laguna's about four days prior and it was well below freezing when we made our first stop in Jacumba. As we were coming into town I could see that they had run the irrigation sprinklers in the fields. 

Eric had never experienced freezing weather either, so I decided to have a little fun at his expense! I pulled over to the side and hurriedly told him to hop out and follow me, we were going to play in the mud! I ran and hopped right into the closest mud puddle. Frozen solid. The look on his face was priceless! We played in the mud and stayed perfectly clean and dry.


We went on to the lake in the NW corner of Jacumba and it was loaded with a variety of waterfowl. Eric is pretty sharp for a novice birder and was busy sorting them out. 

The locals put out feed and kids like to toss bread so these Cinnamon Teal and a few of the other not so wild wildlife came across the lake squawking as soon as we appeared on the bank. 

Cinnamon Teal

Yellow-headed & Tricolored

The blackbirds, loud and numerous were just becoming active. We looked into the tree above us and the uppermost bird was the only Yellow-headed Blackbird we saw, along with a male Tricolored and a male Red-winged!! Talk about a "triple crown"!  Just seconds before I snapped this shot, the Red-winged flew out! :-(

Female & Male

Red-winged Blackbirds

It was a good thing we started early because there was little snow left and a lot of people looking to play in it. No, I was not about to toss him off the cliff, I set the timer on the camera and had to hustle to barley make it into the shot. We played in the snow, ate lunch at Cuyumaca Lake and then visited Kathie in Julian before dropping off the mountain to check out Anza- Borrego Desert S. P.


Uncle Bob & Eric

Costa's Hummingbird

This male Costa's Hummingbird is a regular in front of the visitors center at this time of year. 

Verdin can be hard to get a camera on when you are doing it through a spotting scope. This one appears to be playing hide and seek and that is about what it was like getting the shot!


Para sailing at Ocotillo Wells

As we came into Ocotillo Wells just at sunset, the sky was full of Para sails of every color going in every direction. When this guy noticed us watching with binoculars he came right over us with a hardy wave hello.
Laguna Mountains & Anza-Borrego Desert SP, Feb. 03, 2002
  1. Double-crested Cormorant

  2. Cattle Egret

  3. White-faced Ibis

  4. Canada Goose

  5. Mallard

  6. Cinnamon Teal

  7. Canvasback

  8. Ring-necked Duck

  9. Lesser Scaup

  10. Bufflehead

  11. Ruddy Duck

  12. Turkey Vulture

  13. Red-tailed Hawk

  14. Ferruginous Hawk

  15. American Kestrel

  16. California Quail

  17. American Coot

  18. Black-necked Stilt

  19. Killdeer

  20. Ring-billed Gull

  21. Rock Dove

  22. Mourning Dove

  23. Costa's Hummingbird

  24. Lewis's Woodpecker

  25. Acorn Woodpecker


  1. Northern Flicker

  2. Black Phoebe

  3. Say's Phoebe

  4. Rock Wren

  5. Marsh Wren

  6. Mountain Chickadee

  7. White-breasted Nuthatch

  8. Verdin

  9. Steller's Jay

  10. Western Scrub-Jay

  11. American Crow

  12. Common Raven

  13. European Starling

  14. Chipping Sparrow

  15. Song Sparrow

  16. White-crowned Sparrow

  17. Dark-eyed Junco

  18. Red-winged Blackbird

  19. Tricolored Blackbird

  20. Western Meadowlark

  21. Yellow-headed Blackbird

  22. Brewer's Blackbird

  23. Great-tailed Grackle

  24. House Finch

Photos Bob Miller