Salton Sea 
Jan 10, 2001
0645-1145, Sunny, 45-70 

This was a morning trip to show Madeline and Ed some of the wonderful birds of the Salton Sea.
74 species total

The day began at sunrise in the fields close to McConnell and Harris, where we watched the Sandhill Cranes mill about and take to the air.  At the same time we saw the 11 White-fronted Geese that have been roosting at Osterkamp Ponds. 

American Avocet

At Finney Lake we found the two sleeping Lesser Nighthawks, a Red-breasted Nuthatch, and two pairs of noisy Cactus Wrens.  From there we scooted over to Ramer Lake, where we found the young Vermillion Flycatcher and Phainopeplas.  A beeline to Obsidian Butte put us on top of a Peregrine Falcon.   

American Avocet, Marbled Godwit, Black-necked Stilts and Stilt Sandpipers were but a few of many shorebirds.  We also saw Bonaparte's Gulls and hundreds of American White Pelicans.

Black-necked Stilts

Herring Gull

Ed and Madeline are just starting out at this wonderful hobby of birding, and it was a delight to give them close-up views of Burrowing Owl, Eared Grebe, and Say's Phoebe.   
The morning ended all too soon, and as Ed and Madeline continued their birding adventure, I raced back for a meeting in Yuma.  Madeline wrote me that she had recorded 27 "lifers" that morning!
Marbled Godwit

Red-tailed Hawk

# Species Name
1 Pied-Billed Grebe
2 Eared Grebe
3 Brown Pelican
4 White Pelican
5 Double-Crested Cormorant
6 Black-Crowned Night Heron
7 Cattle Egret
8 Great Egret
9 Great Blue Heron
10 Snowy Egret
11 White-Faced Ibis
12 Northern Pintail
13 Ruddy Duck
14 Lesser Scaup
15 Green-Winged Teal
16 American Wigeon
17 White-Fronted Goose
18 Ross' Goose
19 Common Goldeneye
20 Northern Shoveler
21 American Coot
22 American Avocet
23 Black-Necked Stilt
24 Killdeer
25 Least Sandpiper
26 Willet
27 Stilt Sandpiper
28 Marbled Godwit
29 Long-Billed Dowitcher
30 Lesser Yellowlegs
31 Greater Yellowlegs
32 Long-Billed Curlew
33 Bonaparte's Gull
34 Herring Gull
35 Ring-Billed Gull
36 Osprey
37 Red-Tailed Hawk
# Species Name
38 Northern Harrier
39 American Kestrel
40 Peregrine Falcon
41 Gambel's Quail
42 Common Ground Dove
43 Mourning Dove
44 Rock Dove
45 Greater Roadrunner
46 Burrowing Owl
47 Lesser Nighthawk
48 Anna's Hummingbird
49 Belted Kingfisher
50 Ladder-Backed Woodpecker
51 Northern Flicker
52 Say's Phoebe
53 Black Phoebe
54 Vermillion Flycatcher
55 Verdin
56 Red-Breasted Nuthatch
57 Cactus Wren
58 Marsh Wren
59 Western Bluebird
60 Mountain Bluebird
61 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
62 Northern Mockingbird
63 Phainopepla
64 European Starling
65 Yellow-Rumped Warbler
66 Common Yellowthroat
67 Great-Tailed Grackle
68 Red-Winged Blackbird
69 Western Meadowlark
70 House Sparrow
71 Abert's Towhee
72 Dark-Eyed Junco
73 Song Sparrow
74 White-Crowned Sparrow


Photos Henry D. Detwiler