Long-tailed Jaeger
Salton City, 20 Sep 2003


Southern California
September 2003
- narrated by Henry Detwiler

The last two weeks have seen a lot of rare birds show up in Southern California--here are pictures of some of them!

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Bob Miller and Le Anne were participating in a clean-up at Salton City on Saturday the 20th.  After it was over, they decided to do some birding.  They found this beautiful adult Long-tailed Jaeger, a bird recorded less than 20 times at the Sea.  And then they went and found a Sabine's Gull about 5 miles south of Salton City!


Adult Long-tailed Jaeger
Salton City on the Salton Sea
27 Sep 2003



Juvenile Parasitic Jaeger
27 Sep 2003

The next day Guy McCaskie found this juvenile Parasitic Jaeger at Salton City--but the Long-tailed Jaeger was missing.  On Saturday the 27th Suzanne and I drove from Yuma to Salton City.   We hunted around for a while unsuccessfully, when suddenly two birds shot out in front of us.


The parasitic Jaeger was chasing and dive bombing a Forster's Tern, and didn't stop even after the tern had dropped its fish.  I ran back to the car for my camera, but didn't get the big lens attached until the birds had flown quite a ways off. 

Juvenile Parasitic Jaeger
27 Sep 2003

Adult Magnificent Frigatebird
Senator Wash, California
28 Sep 2003

Jeff Coker found this adult frigatebird at Senator Wash on Saturday the 27th.

Suzanne and I missed it on Sunday morning, but then saw it well on Sunday afternoon.


Adult Yellow-footed Gulls
Salton City, 27 Sep 03

This is a good time to see Yellow-footed Gulls at the Salton Sea--they are common in many places, including Obsidian Butte and Salton City, where we caught up with this trio.

Photos Henry Detwiler & Bob Miller