Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 


San Diego Area
Aug. 24, 2002 
Guide -
Bob Miller

A few hours and a lot of laughs with Brad & Sara.  

48 species (list follows at end of page)

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Great Egret

San Elijo Lagoon is beautiful in the morning. Common Yellowthroats were very active but this Great Egret could easily have been a pink lawn flamingo. 

We were hoping to get a look at the reported Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. A young couple was looking at it when we arrived and so it was almost the first bird we saw.

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

 It then flew to right beneath the view deck and I had to move the scope BACK to get close focus! (picture at top of page)

This Snowy Egret was an active feeder but not as active as the Greater Yellowlegs that we tried to get in the same frame. Got part of it anyway!

Snowy Egret

A Black Skimmer was skimming in the distance and a White-tailed Kite flew over followed by an Osprey. We really got a kick out of this wind sock sculpture. 

Sara & Bradley

The magic looking glass.....
Looked and scanned for the Reddish Egret but could not find it even with the magic binoculars. We then went over to the San Diego River at Sea World and almost got put to work by San Diego Audubon as they were doing a clean-up day on that portion.
 Looked like a great turnout of volunteers and the amount of trash and non-native vegetation they had removed was impressive. Sara was the first to sight the Little Blue Heron as it flew in. The finest way to get a lifer!

Little Blue Heron

Heermann's Gull

Least Terns seemed to have moved on but there were lots of other birds crowded on what was left of the sand bars with the tide rolling in. 

Quivira Basin gave us a few more good birds and the comical squirrels. We had already made one phone call to stretch their birding credits (daughter waiting in hotel to get moved into her new college apartment!) and we got the most out of our extended time but even that runs out.  

California Ground S

  San Diego, Aug 24, 2002
  1. Pied-billed Grebe

  2. Brown Pelican

  3. Double-crested Cormorant

  4. Great Blue Heron

  5. Great Egret

  6. Little Blue Heron

  7. Snowy Egret

  8. Black-crowned Night-Heron

  9. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

  10. Mallard

  11. Turkey Vulture

  12. Osprey

  13. White-tailed Kite

  14. American Kestrel

  15. Black-necked Stilt

  16. Black-bellied Plover

  17. Semipalmated Plover

  18. Killdeer

  19. Short-billed Dowitcher

  20. Long-billed Dowitcher

  21. Marbled Godwit

  22. Whimbrel

  23. Long-billed Curlew

  24. Greater Yellowlegs

  1. Spotted Sandpiper

  2. Willet

  3. Ruddy Turnstone

  4. Western Sandpiper

  5. Heermann's Gull

  6. California Gull

  7. Western Gull

  8. Caspian Tern

  9. Elegant Tern

  10. Forster's Tern

  11. Black Skimmer

  12. Rock Dove

  13. Mourning Dove

  14. Belted Kingfisher

  15. Black Phoebe

  16. Cliff Swallow

  17. Common Raven

  18. European Starling

  19. Common Yellowthroat

  20. Savannah Sparrow

  21. Song Sparrow

  22. Red-winged Blackbird

  23. House Finch

  24. House Sparrow


Photos Bob Miller