Western Scrub-Jay 


Palomar Mountain SP & Julian
Jul. 13, 2002 
Guide -
Bob Miller

A day of birding from Del Mar to the mountain peaks and back with Lud from Tucson, AZ. 

53 species (list follows at end of page)

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Adam's Trail Palomar Mtn, SP

We started out bright and early in Del Mar and birded our way up to Palomar Mountain! In the foothills we had our first good looks at Oak Titmouse and had a few surprises, like a pair of Yellow Warblers and Great Horned Owls calling. 

We heard Wrentit several times but could never get an eye on them! Once in the park, we had just started down the Adam's Trail when Lud called out our first Cassin's Vireo. They are like Energizer Bunnies and all we could get were glimpses and then it was gone. Further along the trail we had this nice Ash-throated Flycatcher in the meadow.

Ash-throated Flycatcher

As we came back out of the meadow we had fine looks at a Pacific-slope Flycatcher and more glimpses of a second Cassin's Vireo which was carrying food. As we neared the vehicle again we suddenly had Cassin's calling again but this time it stopped to preen for about five minutes and we had great looks in the scope!

Cassin's Vireo

Tiger Lily
We birded our way down the slope still trying to get a look at Wrentit that never did happen. One of the little restaurants near Lake Henshaw had several hundred bikers lined up which looked interesting. Julian was very busy but we were able to pop in for lunch at Buffalo Bill's.  
After lunch we went up to Kathie's place where we had a lot more Oak Titmouse and many other goodies and the feeders were active with hummers. Then it was time to head down the hill and call it a day, grand kids waiting to picnic on the beach!!

Lud and I near Julian

Palomar Mtn. SP & Laguna Mtns, July. 13, 2002
  1. Eared Grebe

  2. Double-crested Cormorant

  3. Great Blue Heron

  4. Snowy Egret

  5. Cattle Egret

  6. Mallard

  7. Turkey Vulture

  8. Sharp-shinned Hawk

  9. Red-shouldered Hawk

  10. Red-tailed Hawk

  11. Wild Turkey

  12. Rock Dove

  13. Band-tailed Pigeon

  14. Mourning Dove

  15. Great Horned Owl

  16. Anna's Hummingbird

  17. Selasphorus spp.

  18. Acorn Woodpecker

  19. Nuttall's Woodpecker

  20. Northern Flicker

  21. Olive-sided Flycatcher

  22. Western Wood-Pewee

  23. Pacific-slope Flycatcher

  24. Ash-throated Flycatcher

  25. Western Kingbird

  26. Purple Martin

  27. Tree Swallow

  1. Violet-green Swallow

  2. House Wren

  3. Western Bluebird

  4. Wrentit

  5. Mountain Chickadee

  6. Oak Titmouse

  7. Pygmy Nuthatch

  8. White-breasted Nuthatch

  9. Brown Creeper

  10. Steller's Jay

  11. Western Scrub-Jay

  12. American Crow

  13. Common Raven

  14. Cassin's Vireo

  15. Hutton's Vireo

  16. Yellow Warbler

  17. Western Tanager

  18. Spotted Towhee

  19. Lark Sparrow

  20. Song Sparrow

  21. Dark-eyed Junco

  22. Black-headed Grosbeak

  23. Brewer's Blackbird

  24. House Finch

  25. Lesser Goldfinch

  26. House Sparrow

Photos Bob Miller