Cooper's Hawk


Borrego Springs Christmas Bird Count
Dec 21, 2003 
Narrated by Bob Miller

Fun counting in the desert! 


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Well dressed Pelican 
Christmas Circle is always a nice place to meet for the start of the Borrego Springs Christmas Bird Count!  Bob, Norm and I were soon walking our beat through the residential area on the edge of the desert at the south end of town.  This white pelican was our best "dressed" bird of the day. 
Mother Goose was dressed for the occasion and this Western Gull was "colorfully" correct.  Actually, one of the best birds seen by our little group was a Red-breasted Sapsucker that flew right over our heads!! 

Mother Goose and a Western Gull

Northern Mockingbird 
This Northern Mockingbird posed long enough to take up a bunch of bytes in my camera.  


Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

The real Borrego Springs

We were birding the backyard of one of the gracious locals (the same yard with the well dressed birds!) and were commenting on how few the birds were considering the great water and feed sources she had out. As we walked by the feeder this Cooper's Hawk flew out not five feet above it.  That explains that! 

We then moved out into the desert proper where we picked up lots of Mountain Bluebirds and Black-throated Sparrows.  It also seemed that every  American Kestrel in the valley was out there chasing grasshoppers! Norm was outstanding at birding by ear and helped us add several birds that I could not even hear :-(

Looking east across Borrego Valley 

Norm and Bob chasing sounds
We all met at the State Park HQ to go over the list.  The continuing, first San Diego County record Gila Woodpecker had made a showing for the count!  Afterwards, Phil, Jim and I had fun searching it out and letting a few of the locals whose yards it shares get a look at it in the scope. Happy people!  The Anza Borrego Desert SP Foundation paid the CBC fee for all participants and they donated about ten really nice books that were given out in a fun drawing.  THANK YOU!  You too Mat ;-)

Photos Bob Miller