Wildlife Refuge

An Introduction to Cibola
This refuge is close to the community of Palo Verde, CA, along the Colorado River north of Imperial NWR.  It serves as a wintering ground for Canada and Snow Geese, as well as large numbers of Sandhill Cranes, raptors, ducks, and numerous other birds.   This fantastic refuge is the single best area in southwest Arizona to find a number of species, including Bald & Golden Eagles, Sandhill Cranes, Snow & Canada Geese, and a variety of sparrows.

Cibola Lake
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Getting There
From Yuma - from the intersection of I-8 & 16th St, take I-8 16 miles to the Ogilby Road exit.  Travel north 39 miles to Hwy 78.  Turn right and head north about 23 miles to a sign pointing to the Colorado River and Cibola Refuge.  Follow the signs.  Turn right and proceed east on the gravel road until it crosses over the river, head south on the levee road, turn left on Baseline, turn right on River Road;  the refuge is 6 miles from the Hwy 78 turnoff.

Where and What to Look for!
Stop at the riparian areas along the river to look for:
- Crissal Thrasher
- Black-tailed (year-round) & Blue-gray (winter) Gnatcatchers
- Verdin
- Ladder-backed Woodpecker
- sparrows

Along Goose Loop and along the Goose Loop walking trail look for:
- White-tailed Kite
- Northern Harrier
- Prairie Falcon
- Sandhill Crane
- Canada, Snow, and White-fronted Goose
- Sparrows: Lincoln's, White-crowned, Brewer's, Sage, Fox, Savannah,  Vesper, Lark, Juncos, and Abert's, Spotted, and Green-tailed Towhees

At Cibola Lake and on the River:
- Bald Eagle
- 3 species of teal
- mergansers
- all the western ducks
- Clark's, Western, Eared, and Pied-billed Grebe

Sandhill Cranes
Birding Trips
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Canada Goose


American Kestrel


Abert's Towhee


Northern Shoveler

Updated on 22 May 2001
Photos Henry D. Detwiler