American Dipper


Denver & the Rockies 
22-26 June 2004
Henry Detwiler

While up in Denver for several days of training, I escaped to the mountains every afternoon and all day on Saturday
species -- bird list is at the bottom of the page
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McCown's Longspurs


The first afternoon I headed up north to the Pawnee National Grasslands.  At a small pond on the way I lucked out with both Wilson's & a Red-necked Phalarope.  Once in the cactus-studded grassland I was soon treated to the sight of skylarking McCown's Longspurs, beautifully plumaged Lark Buntings, and twittering Horned Larks.

A welcome surprise was a small flock of Mountain Plovers which settled on the road in front of me.  I was used to these birds as winter residents in the Imperial and Yuma Valleys, but it was great to see them on their breeding grounds. 
Mountain Plover


Lark Bunting

In the campground were trees with breeding Blue Jays and both Eastern & Western Kingbirds.


Lark Buntings were one of the most visible and striking birds of the grasslands.


Blue Jay feeding fledgling

Black-capped Chickadee

I spent two of my lunch breaks at Cherry Creek Reservoir State Park.  House Wrens called from the thickets, American Goldfinches fed on the thistles, Downy Woodpeckers worked the trees, and chickadees roamed the woods for tasty morsels.
During my second visit to the park I heard some of the familiar raucous chants of our biggest warbler, the Yellow-breasted Chat.  Since it was moving about quite a bit, I waited for him to come out in the open and snapped a few pictures.

Yellow-breasted Chat

Ladybug at Cherry Creek

I also looked in vain for a reported Rose-breasted Grosbeak on the east side of the park.  Not finding that, I looked around for other sights to photograph, and spotted this nicely-posed ladybug.
Each of the three afternoons when class was over, I would drive west to the foothills of the Rockies.  At a little park in Morrison, I saw this Northern Flicker posed high upon the hillside.
Northern Flicker

Garter Snake

In years past I've seen American Dipper along the stream here, but this year I found only a cooperative Garter Snake.

West of Lair 'O the Bear Park I hiked up a moist canyon and saw lots of Broad-tailed Hummingbirds, along with White-breasted Nuthatches, Western Tanagers, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Hairy Woodpeckers, among others.

Female Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Western Wood Pewee

Flycatchers were also quite common; I was able to find many Cordilleran, several Duskies, and this Western Wood Pewee.  I was fortunate to see one Cordilleran Flycatcher feeding young. 


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Mt. Evans and Denver, 22-26 June 2004
# Species
1 American White Pelican
2 Double-crested Cormorant
3 Great Blue Heron
4 Black-crowned Night Heron
5 Canada Goose
6 Mallard
7 Cinnamon Teal
8 Redhead
9 Common Merganser
10 Swainson's Hawk
11 Red-tailed Hawk
12 American Kestrel
13 White-tailed Ptarmigan
14 Wild Turkey
15 Killdeer
16 American Avocet
17 Spotted Sandpiper
18 Wilson's Phalarope
19 Red-necked Phalarope
20 Turkey Vulture
21 Ring-billed Gull
22 Rock Pigeon
23 Mourning Dove
24 Burrowing Owl
25 Common Poorwill
26 Broad-tailed Hummingbird
27 Belted Kingfisher
28 Red-naped Sapsucker
29 Downy Woodpecker
30 Hairy Woodpecker
31 Northern Flicker
32 Western Wood Pewee
33 Dusky Flycatcher
34 Cordilleran Flycatcher
35 Say's Phoebe
36 Western Kingbird
37 Eastern Kingbird
38 Loggerhead Shrike
39 Warbling Vireo
40 Stellar's Jay
41 Blue Jay
42 Black-billed Magpie
43 American Crow
44 Common Raven
45 Horned Lark
46 Tree Swallow
47 Violet-green Swallow
48 Cliff Swallow
49 Barn Swallow
50 Black-capped Chickadee
51 Mountain Chickadee
52 Red-breasted Nuthatch


# Species
53 White-breasted Nuthatch
54 Pygmy Nuthatch
55 Brown Creeper
56 Rock Wren
57 House Wren
58 American Dipper
59 Golden-crowned Kinglet
60 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
61 Mountain Bluebird
62 Townsend's Solitaire
63 Swainson's Thrush
64 Hermit Thrush
65 American Robin
66 Gray Catbird
67 Northern Mockingbird
68 European Starling
69 American Pipit
70 Cedar Waxwing
71 Yellow-breasted Chat
72 Macgillivray's Warbler
73 Yellow-rumped Warbler
74 Yellow Warbler
75 Orange-crowned Warbler
76 Virginia's Warbler
77 Wilson's Warbler
78 Western Tanager
79 Spotted Towhee
80 Chipping Sparrow
81 Vesper Sparrow
82 Lark Bunting
83 Savannah Sparrow
84 Song Sparrow
85 Lincoln's Sparrow
86 White-crowned Sparrow
87 Dark-eyed Junco
88 Mccown's Longspur
89 Chestnut-collared Longspur
90 Red-winged Blackbird
91 Western Meadowlark
92 Yellow-headed Blackbird
93 Common Grackle
94 Brown-headed Cowbird
95 Orchard Oriole
96 Bullock's Oriole
97 Brown-capped Rosy Finch
98 Pine Grosbeak
99 Cassin's Finch
100 House Finch
101 Red Crossbill
102 Pine Siskin
103 American Goldfinch
104 Evening Grosbeak
105 House Sparrow

Photos Henry D. Detwiler