Say's Phoebe


Southern California ABA Tour
Jan 12-17, 2005, Outstanding weather!
Guide- Bob Miller

Five days of birding and exploration! From San Diego, through the mountains to below sea level in the Imperial Valley at the Salton Sea .
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Day 1 - Wednesday Afternoon

De Anza Cove, Mission Bay

Everyone had been following the torrential rain reports as So Cal got more than it's yearly average in just a few weeks time.  Our tour began on the first day after the storms and we had the best of weather for the whole trip!
Our first stop was De Anza Cove on Mission Bay where we saw the Harlequin Duck and lots of other good birds.  The amount of erosion from the rains was incredible and there was water standing everywhere although it had stopped raining the day before.

La Jolla

Brown Pelican flyover

La Jolla Cove was fantastic and we enjoyed a nice sunset.  The huge flocks of sea birds that had been held close to shore by the storms were taking advantage of the nice weather and were out beyond our sight.

Brown Pelicans flew just over our heads or at eye level along the cliffs as turnstones and gulls worked the rocks at our feet..

Children's Pool Harbor Seals

Sea Lions
Harbor Seals lined the beach in the cove and Sea Lions basked on the rocks near the La Jolla Caves and the cormorant rookery.

Day 2 - Thursday

San Elijo Lagoon bright and early was spectacular.  We spent the better part of the morning there with new birds and great sights to be seen the whole time.

San Elijo Lagoon

The tide was very low so there were lots of shorebirds about.  This chain of locks on the gate was pretty amusing.  Guess you had to be there.  

Chain of locks


Great Blue Heron

One of the theories put forth by Hwi was that once we finally found a bird we would see many of them and his theory proved correct this day!

Green-winged Teal & Mallard

Eurasian x American

As we were leaving the lagoon I pulled the van into one last spot for a look and as these words were coming out of my mouth "Another bird we should be watching for is the Euras..!!" a Eurasian Wigeon popped into my binoculars!  Conjuring at it's best!  Something about it did not look right and it turned out to be a hybrid.
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Southern California, 12-17 Jan 2005
  1. Common Loon

  2. Pied-billed Grebe

  3. Eared Grebe

  4. Western Grebe

  5. Clark's Grebe

  6. American White Pelican

  7. Brown Pelican

  8. Brandt's Cormorant

  9. Double-crested Cormorant

  10. Pelagic Cormorant

  11. American Bittern

  12. Least Bittern (heard)

  13. Great Blue Heron

  14. Great Egret

  15. Snowy Egret

  16. Little Blue Heron

  17. Cattle Egret

  18. Green Heron

  19. Black-crowned Night Heron

  20. White-faced Ibis

  21. Turkey Vulture

  22. Snow Goose

  23. Ross's Goose

  24. Wood Duck

  25. Gadwall

  26. Eurasian Wigeon

  27. American Wigeon

  28. Blue-winged Teal

  29. Mallard

  30. Cinnamon Teal

  31. Northern Shoveler

  32. Northern Pintail

  33. Green-winged Teal

  34. Redhead

  35. Ring-necked Duck

  36. Lesser Scaup

  37. Harlequin Duck

  38. Surf Scoter

  39. Bufflehead

  40. Common Goldeneye

  41. Red-breasted Merganser

  42. Ruddy Duck

  43. Osprey

  44. White-tailed Kite

  45. Northern Harrier

  46. Sharp-shinned Hawk

  47. Cooper's Hawk

  48. Red-shouldered Hawk

  49. Red-tailed Hawk

  50. Ferruginous Hawk

  51. Golden Eagle

  52. American Kestrel

  53. Prairie Falcon

  54. Peregrine Falcon

  55. Wild Turkey

  56. California Quail (heard)

  57. Gambel's Quail

  58. Sora

  59. Common Moorhen

  60. American Coot

  61. Sandhill Crane

  62. Black-bellied Plover

  63. Snowy Plover

  64. Semipalmated Plover

  65. Killdeer

  66. Mountain Plover

  67. Black Oystercatcher

  68. Black-necked Stilt

  69. American Avocet

  70. Greater Yellowlegs

  71. Lesser Yellowlegs

  72. Willet

  73. Spotted Sandpiper

  74. Whimbrel

  75. Long-billed Curlew

  76. Marbled Godwit

  77. Ruddy Turnstone

  78. Black Turnstone

  79. Sanderling

  80. Western Sandpiper

  81. Least Sandpiper

  82. Dunlin

  83. Long-billed Dowitcher

  84. Wilson's Snipe

  85. Bonaparte's Gull

  86. Heerman's Gull

  87. Mew Gull

  1. Ring-billed Gull

  2. California Gull

  3. Herring Gull

  4. Yellow-footed Gull

  5. Western Gull

  6. Caspian Tern

  7. Royal Tern

  8. Forster's Tern

  9. Black Skimmer

  10. Rock Pigeon

  11. Eurasian Collared-Dove

  12. White-winged Dove

  13. Mourning Dove

  14. Inca Dove

  15. Common Ground-Dove

  16. Ruddy ground-Dove

  17. Greater Roadrunner

  18. Barn Owl

  19. Western Screech-Owl

  20. Burrowing owl

  21. Lesser Nighthawk

  22. White-throated Swift

  23. Anna's Hummingbird

  24. Costa's Hummingbird

  25. Belted Kingfisher

  26. Acorn Woodpecker

  27. Gila Woodpecker

  28. Ladder-backed Woodpecker

  29. Nuttall's Woodpecker

  30. Northern Flicker

  31. Black Phoebe

  32. Say's Phoebe

  33. Vermilion Flycatcher

  34. Cassin's Kingbird

  35. Loggerhead Shrike

  36. Steller's Jay (heard)

  37. Western Scrub-Jay

  38. American Crow

  39. Common Raven

  40. Horned Lark

  41. Tree Swallow

  42. Barn Swallow

  43. Mountain Chickadee

  44. Oak Titmouse

  45. Verdin

  46. Red-breasted Nuthatch

  47. White-breasted Nuthatch

  48. Pygmy Nuthatch

  49. Cactus Wren

  50. Rock Wren

  51. Marsh Wren

  52. Ruby-crowned Kinglet

  53. Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

  54. Western Bluebird

  55. Mountain Bluebird

  56. Hermit Thrush

  57. American Robin

  58. Wrentit

  59. Northern Mockingbird

  60. California Thrasher

  61. LeConte's Thrasher

  62. European Starling

  63. American Pipit

  64. Phainopepla

  65. Orange-crowned Warbler

  66. Yellow-rumped Warbler

  67. Common Yellowthroat

  68. Spotted Towhee

  69. California Towhee

  70. Abert's Towhee

  71. Chipping Sparrow

  72. Lark Sparrow

  73. Savannah Sparrow

  74. Song Sparrow

  75. Lincoln's Sparrow

  76. White-crowned Sparrow

  77. Dark-eyed Junco

  78. Red-winged Blackbird

  79. Tricolored Blackbird

  80. Western Meadowlark

  81. Brewer's Blackbird

  82. Great-tailed Grackle

  83. House Finch

  84. Pine Siskin

  85. Lesser Goldfinch

  86. Lawrence's Goldfinch

  87. House Sparrow

Photos Bob Miller